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About Us

Road Trip Kit Limited operates out of Wellington, New Zealand – located in the middle of a country famous for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and adrenalin-pumping all-action adventures. In short, the perfect location for road trip enthusiasts!

Which is what we are. Whether it’s a leisurely family camping trip or a thrill-seeking day out, we love our road trips!

So when we came across the innovative new concept of Road Trip Kit waterproof car roof bags – courtesy of some visitors from overseas – we jumped at the opportunity to bring these to New Zealand for the first time and Road Trip Kit Limited was born.

Our mission is to reinvent road trips. We sincerely believe Road Trip Kit’s new waterproof roof bags will revolutionize the way you travel! That they will truly enhance your experience of what is one of life’s great pleasures – getting out on the open road on a pilgrimage to fun and adventure. With exclusive rights to the product in New Zealand and elsewhere we aim to bring you the highest possible level of quality of service and support to ensure you get the most out of your road trips!

It’s time to get on the road!