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Are the bags waterproof?

Yes, they are fully waterproofed with PVC coatings layered on super tough 600x and 900x cross-weave polyester material (depending on model).

Do the bags fold up for storage?

Yes, they all come with their own convenient carry bag and fold away into a compact carrying sack ideal for storing in a cupboard or your car boot.

Can the bags be locked?

Yes, they can be locked shut via the rings on the rugged zippers.

What size do the bags come in?

Our roof bags come in a range of sizes to suit almost any vehicle - from a Suzuki Swift (recommended: 425 Litres) through to a Landrover Discovery (recommended: 800 Litres). Please see individual product listings for exact dimensions (height, width, length). The bags currently offered have the following capacity: 425 litres; 540 litres; 555 litres; 650; 800 litres.

How easy are the bags to install? Can they be hooked on by one person?

Yes! They are so easy to attach to your car. It takes no more than a few short minutes – my record is three minutes! – and can easily be used by one person.

Will they damage my car roof?

All our bags come with a carefully engineered padded PXL cross-linked foam base to protect your roof against scratches and other damage. Carrying capacity: 60-90KG depending on vehicle model (please check vehicleowner's manual). Straps tested for emergency stops with up to 130KG luggage. We also advise against over-loading and over-tightening the straps. A further tip is to wash your car roof if it is dirty so as to prevent any loose matter scratching your roof.

Do I load them on the roof before packing or can I lift the bag onto the roof after I’ve filled them up?

Either option is possible depending upon the size of the bag and the weight of the luggage you load into it. If it’s light stuff then it is perfectly possible to lift the bag onto your car once loaded.

Do they work with any model of vehicle?

Road Trip Kit bags are designed to work with a wide range of vehicles. Please get in touch if you have any questions. The only models we are aware of which do not suit our system are those that have air flow covers attached to the body of the vehicle rather than the doors (seems to be limited to Subaru cars from our experience).

Do you offer a warranty for the bags?

Yes, all Road Trip Kit bags are guaranteed for 2 years! Please supply proof of purchase, though if you buy a bag via our website we will have an archived record of the transaction and model bought. Please note that this does not cover willful damage or negligence (e.g. driving under a height-restricted obstacle such as found in covered car parks).

Can the bags be purchased anywhere else?

No, Road Trip Kit holds exclusive distribution rights for our bags in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Our supplier’s technology is patented in the United States and is patent-pending in all the countries we have rights to.