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Stylish new Road Trip Kit Car Roof Bags have arrived in New Zealand!

"It's awesome having so much more space on our road trips!" 

(Andy Thomas, Taupo)


Planning a trip up the mountains? Have a road trip adventure on the horizon? You need a car rooftop backpack! No roofracks required!

Don't miss out on our MASSIVE SPRING STOCK CLEARANCE SALE! $100 OFF all Road Trip Kit CAR/ UTE BACKPACKS! – Starting at just $249 - you can’t go wrong! (DISCOUNT AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED AT CHECKOUT).

Offer ends at midnight on Sunday 22 SEPTEMBER 2019. (Office closed to business 24 September - 16 October).


(approx 1-3 days - same/nxt day in Welly!)

Stressing about a lack of space in your car? No problem! Get yourself a Road Trip Kit Car Roof Bag - NO ROOF RACKS REQUIRED! - a rugged, waterproof innovative storage solution with built-in non-slip padded base & straps that clip onto your car doorframe (fits most vehicles).

Fits on/ off in minutes - simply 'hook & go'!

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Road Trip Kit Ltd, a Kiwi owned & operated company, brings you tough, light, waterproof car/ ute rooftop backpacks that will reinvent your road trip!

Ideal for campers and holiday makers, lovers of extreme sports and road trippers of all ages, Road Trip Kit’s roof bags make travel more comfortable and easy so you can relax and enjoy the journey - wherever your destination may be!

- QUICK & EASY TO CLIP ON & OFF - Forget those awkward, heavy roof racks & roof boxes! HOOKS ONTO YOUR CAR DOOR FRAME OR SIDE ROOF RAILS (no straps through your cabin).. & you're away in minutes

- PADDED, NON-SLIP BASE PROTECTS YOUR ROOF from dents and scratches



- RUGGED & SECURE - engineered to the highest standards - used by defence forces, emergency services & lumberjacks. TWO YEAR WARRANTY


- Use the LUGGAGE HOOPS (two horizontal/ lateral rows of four hoops each) up top to secure your surfboard/ snowboard / skis/ fishing rods, pushchairs.. kids?!

- Packs away in a CONVENIENT, SMALL COMPACT CARRY BAG  for easy storage

- TRAVEL IN COMFORT & SAFETY especially with kids, pets.. or in-laws..

- COMPLIES WITH NZTA guidelines and regulations


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Perfect for long or short trips, Road Trip Kit rooftop bags simply hook onto your door frames, making clunky, awkward and expensive roof racks and boxes a thing of the past! They are also way more affordable, starting from just $349!

Not only do they hugely increase your storage space, they are stylish, rugged, light, secure and manufactured to the highest standards. They have a built-in padded, non-slip base to protect your roof and additional luggage straps on top for skis/ snowboards/ surfboards/ kayaks/ fishing rods/ push chairs/ kids/ pets/ in-laws! What's more, they pack away into a handy compact storage bag, saving you space even when not in use!

Road Trip Kit Ltd is the exclusive distributor for these awesome rooftop cargo bags in New Zealand (patent pending: NZ Pat. Ap. No. 714339).


All prices quoted are in $NZ and include GST plus FREE POSTAGE & PACKAGING!

* Delivery within New Zealand only. Couriers typically take 1-3 days depending upon destination.

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Check out how quick and easy they are to use here!