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How To

Road Trip Kit waterproof roof bags are so easy to use! Forget roof racks! Forget roof boxes!

Please see below for detailed instructions on how to use. Also hop across to our Photo and Video Library to check out some great shots and informative illustrations showing how they work.

Unlike a lot of roof racks and roof boxes currently available, the new Road Trip Kit roof bags have been designed specifically for ease of use and our revolutionary new ‘Hook & Go’ technology has, quite simply, reinvented the concept of road trips!

Gone are the hours spent tying down belongings with endless metres of bungee cords, manoeuvring trailers or struggling with a car load of travel items. This great new system is very easy to use and completely secure and weatherproof. They work with most vehicle makes and models.

And when they’re not in use simply remove, pack into their handy carry case and store in your car boot or a cupboard - saving you space even when not in use!


Detailed Instructions

One of the great things about Road Trip Kit roof bags is how quick, simple and intuitive they are to fit - securely - to your roof. Anyone can do it - they're super light and easy to handle.

There are two simple stages: (a) attaching your grip hooks to your car door frames, and (b) strapping the bag to the grip hooks. If you have side-rails on your roof you don't even need hooks - they just strap straight on!

(a) Attaching your grip hooks to your car door frames:

  1. Grip hooks attach to upper edge of car doorframe (open doors first!). You must use the grip hooks in vehicles that do not have roof rails to ensure the proper function of side air bags. Straps that pass under the vehicle’s roof may interfere with the deployment of these air bags.
  2. Pull down the rubber seal around the top of the vehicle door where you want to fit a grip hook. In most vehicles, the rubber around the doorframe is not glued but held by pressure only. After fitting or removing the hooks, the rubber can be pressed back by pushing the sides towards the centre.You have four grip hooks, one for each corner of the bag. The grip hooks are a unique design, patent pending overseas. They suit most vehicles. The hooks are available to purchase separately.
  3. Fit the grip hook onto the upper part of the doorframe. The hook is designed to fit in one direction only. The loop side will always face out.
  4. Replace the rubber seal and press back on top of the hook. Close the doors and leave the loops outside the vehicle.
  5. Fill your Road Trip Kit bag with your luggage.
  6. Attach the bag to the grip hooks while the doors are open.

(b) Strapping your bag to your vehicle:

  1. Place the empty bag on the vehicle roof so the zip is at the back.
  2. After filling the bag zip up the double-ended zip and secure it with the safety pin provided or with a lock (1).
  3. Pass the 4 main holding straps through the 4 loops (hooks) or though your roof rails ②. Click the top buckle shut (3).
  4. Then tighten the main holding straps in the following order: the front straps, right and left and then the rear straps, right and left (5).
  5. Click shut the buckles for the 6 short tightening straps (4) (2 at the front, 2 at the rear, 1 in the middle of each side) and tighten them well (5).

Note: the straps end with velcro. Fold the straps’ ends upwards and attach them neatly with the velcro to prevent noises during driving (5).

You can load your bag first, then lift it onto the roof, or put it on the roof first, then load it.

The straps have been designed to withstand emergency stops with 130KG loads, however WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU LIMIT THE WAIT LOAD TO 60-90KG depending on your vehicle and place heavier items towards the sides of your roof.

You are now ready to go – we wish you a safe, relaxed, fun voyage!


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